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  1. ORAS OU Da Fantumms (1769 (#25) and rising)

    have you tried assault vest on scizor? it makes an amazing pursuit trapper.
  2. ORAS OU Scarf Jirachi + mega lopunny=win

    i would change scarf landorus for a scarf chomp. better stab plus rough skin is always useful. and jirachi is better off used as a support attacker than the main focus of ur team.
  3. ORAS OU the magic pork chop men (Peak #4 - 1859 and goin up)

    put explosion on landorus-t instead of knock off for those pokes that you just cant kill
  4. ORAS OU The Glass Cannon Plan

    if you like glass cannons you should add a latios or lopunny to your team somewhere
  5. ORAS OU The Mastermind!

    change your garchomp to choice scarf garchomp with stealth rocks. now you got 2 scarfers
  6. XY OU ORAS OU RMT: 7.8/10 Too many swords (Mega Gallade team)

    i would switch sylveon for a analytic choice specs magnezone, hits harder and is also a dragon resistance
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